The agenda for the April 24 session of the Cedartown Planning Commission can be viewed here.

Cedartown Transit is a demand response system and includes route-deviation needs into the established schedules as time and resources permit.  Major stops include pick-ups and drop-offs at Polk County DFACS, the Polk County Nutrition Center, employment, doctor offices, pharmacies and shopping across the city limits of Cedartown.


Children five and under must be in a car seat. Cedartown Transit does not provide car seats.  You must be at least 17 years of age to ride without a parent. Riders must call the Transit office no later than one hour before your scheduled time to cancel the appointment.  Failure to call would result in a “no-show”. Cedartown Transit is handicap accessible.

Cedartown Transit is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on a demand-response system with 24 hour advance notice.  Fares are $2.00 for a one way passenger trip.  Contact Cedartown Transit for your transportation needs at (770) 748-6977.

Our Mission:

Cedartown Transit considers it an honor and privilege to service the citizens of the City of Cedartown.  Our system is safe, clean, reliable and responsive to the needs of Cedartown residents.  The aim of Cedartown Transit is to serve the community with dignity, honor and gratitude.

Drivers are CPR and PASS certified.  Our drivers undergo regular defensive drivers training.


501 Tenth Street
Cedartown, Georgia 30125
(770) 748-6977
Fare Information:
$2, for a one-way passenger trip