The City of Cedartown Cemetery Department is responsible for the year-round maintenance of the City's four cemeteries. Cedartown's for cemeteries include Northview, Greenwood, Southview and the Prior Family Lot.

The city's most recent cemetery, Northview, was established in 1941 and is located on East Avenue. The city's oldest cemetery is the Prior Family Lot, created in 1815. This lot serves as the final resting place of Sarah Prior, wife of Asa Prior, who was considered to be the "Father of Cedartown." This lot contains the oldest grave in the city -- Mark Jackson, dated 1815.

Southview Cemetery, located on Powell Drive, was established in 1872. It serves as the final resting place of Dr. C.A. Plaine. Plaine passed away in 1920 and was known for his active role in the African American community.

Greenwood Cemetery, located on East Avenue, was created in 1840. Those that are buried here include William Julius Harris, a United States Senator whose funeral was held at Big Spring in 1932. Henry Bunn, a Confederate solider killed on June 27, 1864 in the Battle of Cold Harbor is also buried here. The founder of the present-day Murphy-Harpst Home, Ethel Harpst, is buried in Greenwood. A former mayor of the City of Cedartown, Arthur Colquitt, is also buried here. He died while in office in 1932. Greenwood is also the final resting place for almost 60 confederate soldiers.

The Cemetery Department is also in charge of selling of grave lots and maintaining the permanent records of all city cemeteries. All total, the department maintains 20,000 graves on 43 acres of land.

Lots are available in both Northview and Greenwood cemeteries. All cemetery lots are $750 each (price effective August 1, 2008).