City of Cedartown Employee Spotlight: DAVID MASON

david mason

Cedartown, Georgia — January 17, 2017:  “Water is life,” so the old saying goes, and David Mason wholeheartedly agrees.

David serves as water plant superintendent for the City of Cedartown. Added to the city team in September 2016, David’s spent upwards of 22 years working with municipal and county water systems. Prior to working with the City, David worked with both Haralson County Water and Polk County Water Authority.

A Cedartown High School graduate of 1979, David became interested in the water service field by initially performing distribution tasks. After that, everything thing else just fell into place. “Water operations is a 24-7 job,” David said. “I enjoy doing it and take pride in helping provide something that everyone needs every day of their life.”

The Cedartown Water Plant, a historic structure that recently received a much needed outside makeover, is in operation every hour of every day. Six employees, including David, work to ensure Cedartown residents receive the best quality water every time their faucet is turned on. “A lot of folks will be surprised to know that two million gallons of water are treated every day at our plant. That’s a lot of water.” Water is supplied by Cedartown’s Big Spring (the south’s second largest limestone spring) that’s literally located in the water plant’s back yard.

David said he’s also looking forward to the changes brought about by the repair and renovation of the Big Spring area. “The park is really coming along and it’s going to wind up as a really beautiful place for folks to come and spend a hot summer afternoon.”

When he’s not busy running the day-to-day operations of the water plant, David enjoys fishing and hunting. He has three children and three grandchildren.

He is engaged to Heather Venable.

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