Employee Spotlight: Martin Arguello

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We want to introduce you to Martin Arguello, the City of Cedartown’s “Jack of All Trades” and “Mr. Can-Do-Everything.” And though he laughs off those two broad job descriptions, it’s really not too far from the truth.

Martin works in our Parks and Rec Department, cheerfully doing whatever is asked of him, but a wide grin spreads across his face when asked what his favorite job duty is: baseball field maintenance. His dedication and pride of making sure Cedartown’s ballfields are cared for properly is evident, as is his love for baseball.

A native of Mexico, Martin grew up in a small town where baseball was the only sport they were allowed to play. “I would feed the cattle and do my chores, then I would walk about four miles to the baseball field to play,” he said.

He passed that love of baseball on to his son, who is entering into high school this fall and as his dad said, “is already taller than me.” In fact, supporting his son’s love of the baseball diamond introduced him to the Cedartown Rec Department. “I volunteered and coached baseball for about 10 years and then I became part of the recreation staff.”

In addition to maintaining the ball fields, Martin, who lives in Cedartown with his wife, also assists in upkeep of public park areas and fixes any malfunctioning equipment. “I try to do as much as I can and if something breaks, I can fix it.”

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