Josh Turner recognized as Exchange Club “Officer of the Year” nominee

Josh TurnerCedartown, Ga. – February 29, 2016: Cedartown Police Officer Josh Turner was recognized as a nominee for the Cedartown Exchange Club’s Officer of the Year Award.

Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome nominated Officer Turner for consideration of the award. In his official nomination form, Chief Newsome wrote:

“On May 17, 2015, Officer Josh Turner was responding to a call for assistance from another officer when he crashed his patrol car on Main Street in Cedartown. His injuries were severe and career-threatening. He is still on restricted duty but he has shown dedication to duty that reflects the true servant’s heart of all that is good and laudable in the law-enforcement family.

When I got to the hospital to see him on the day of his crash the first thing he said was “Sorry about the car, boss”. He pressed his doctor to release him to restricted duty as soon as he could bear the pain and has been in the office every day and been instrumental in the transition to our new computer software system. He has not been idle for a single minute.

When I started doing my monthly departmental report for June 2015 I couldn’t figure out what was off with the activity figures. Then it occurred to me — J.T. was not on the road!

We’ve all heard the old saying that you never know what you have until you lose it. Officer Turner not being in the field was one of those times. He is one of those officers that is such a part of a department that it’s not the same without him.

I’m not nominating him because he wrecked a car. Anyone can do that. I’m nominating him for all the things we didn’t really appreciate until we almost lost him. We know that God spared him to do great things and we thank Him for that.”

The City of Cedartown and the Cedartown Police Department would like to thank the Exchange Club for recognizing outstanding law officers through this annual awards program.

We would also like to recognize nominee Cpl. Sherfesee from the Polk County Police Department and extend a congratulations to Polk County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Gary Simmons, who was selected as Officer of the Year.

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