The agenda for the April 24 session of the Cedartown Planning Commission can be viewed here.

The municipal code of the City of Cedartown creates structure within the City government and protects the welfare of the citizens and the environment. The municipal code of the City of Cedartown is a municipal charter and a book of ordinances which are used as a tool in the administration of the City’s affairs and to create an active law for the City of Cedartown.

To access an online database of the City of Cedartown's Municipal Code, please click on the green City Code tab below.

For more information about about our Code Enforcement and Building Inspection Office and to download our zoning map, click here.

If you need to report a violation or need more information concerning Code Enforcement please call Joseph Martin, Code Enforcement, at (770) 748-3220.


The City of Cedartown’s 2014 Ordinances will not be reflected in the current Municode link above. Ordinances passed in 2014 are not recorded until the following year in the Municode database. Below is a link of current 2014 Ordinances.


ORDINANCE AMENDMENT water service policy