The agenda for the February 13 Cedartown City Commission Regular Session can be viewed here.

Contact members of our management team by using the phone numbers and email addresses below.

You can also fill out the "Contact Us" form that's located on the far right of your screen.

Cedartown City Manager

Bill Fann

770-748-3220 ext. 222

Cedartown Police Chief

Jamie Newsome

770-748-3220 ext. 230

Cedartown Fire Chief

Darrell Stephens

770-748-3220 ext. 241

Cedartown City Clerk

Carol Crawford

770-748-3220 ext. 226

Cedartown Chief Financial Officer

Amy Orebaugh

770-748-3220 ext. 220

Cedartown Water Plant Superintendent

David Mason


Cedartown Public Works Director

Kelvin Garmon


Cedartown Parks, Cemeteries and Recreation Director

Lee Hayes


Cedartown Building Inspector, Code Enforcement and Permits

Joseph Martin

770-748-3220 ext. 216

Downtown Cedartown Main Street Director

Ramona Ruark


Public Information Officer

Aimee H. Madden

770-748-3220 ext. 221


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