The Parks Department is responsible for the year-round maintenance of our city’s parks. These include Peek Park, Bert Wood Youth and Athletic Complex, Goodyear Park, Turner Street Park and Big Spring Park.

Peek Park, a beautiful area located in the heart of Cedartown, was built on land donated by Captain J.A. Peek. It is located on North College Street in Cedartown. It features tennis courts, picnic areas and a $250,000 state-of-the-art playground, fully funded and constructed by local citizens and volunteers. In the summer, a dancing fountain provides a place to cool of for local children and families. Peek Park is home to the annual Cedar Valley Arts Festival that takes place in the springtime, and also serves as a main gathering point for the world-famous Cedartown 5K Wheelchair Race.

The pavilion, located at Peek Park, is a popular area for family gatherings and birthday parties and can be rented from the City for $25 per day .Camp-style cook out grills are also located near the pavilion.

Bert Wood Youth and Athletic Complex, located on Lynton Drive, features newly renovated baseball fields, pressbox, concession stand and bleachers. A soccer and football field, along with a walking track, are located at the complex. The Nathan Dean Gym and the Cedartown Senior Citizen Building are also located here. A large log cabin facility is available for public rental.

Turner Street Park offers athletic fields, a playground area and a building that is available for public rental. This park is situated a stone’s throw away from downtown Cedartown on Turner Street.

Goodyear Park, located just off of West Avenue, features large shady trees and athletic playing fields.

Big Spring Park, located on Wissahickon Avenue, is home to the second largest natural limestone spring in the southern United States. The spring produces nearly four million gallons of water to Cedartown residents on a daily basis. Asa Prior, considered to be the “Father of Cedartown,” purchased the land around Big Spring in 1834. In 1852, Prior deeded the spring and adjacent land to the newly charted city of Cedartown.

In 2011, the Big Springs was named a certified site on the Trail of Tears, as it was the site of Camp Cedar Town, a Cherokee removal camp in 1838.

Today, the spring’s clear and constantly cold water attracts many residents to the park during the hot summer. Shade from a massive Magnolia and other native trees keep the park in relative shade. An outdoor grill and picnic table is also located at the park for public use.

 [Click here to access rental agreements for facilities located within our parks].

The City of Cedartown Recreation Department Hours of Operation

Regular daytime pre-scheduled activities for the Nathan Dean Gym (located at 605 Lynton Drive) are:

7:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. — Walking groups only

11 a.m. until 4 p.m. — Free play for anyone; regulated on a first-come, first-served basis

To contact the Cedartown Recreation Department please call 770-748-7783

At the City of Cedartown, we firmly believe that sports can make a difference in the life of a child. Being involved and having a role in a team environment teaches life lessons you can’t learn anywhere else. A good rec department builds hometown pride and one of our goals is to serve as feeders to our middle and high school sports programs.

Currently the Cedartown Recreation Department offers:

football [tackle and flag]






To view continually updated information on sign-ups and other aspects of our sports program, check out our Facebook page. Or check us out online at WWW.CEDARTOWNREC.ORG