Police patrolling city streets with two new vehicles

new patrol cars




Police officers serving the residents of Cedartown are patrolling city streets in roomier and safer vehicles.

The two new Ford SUV Interceptors, based off of Ford’s popular Explorer model, were purchased with SPLOST dollars. The pair of SUVs have been on the road for a few weeks now and are well-received by officers, according to Greg Cooper, Cedartown Police Department Assistant Chief. “These vehicles offer more room for our officers both up front near the console and also in the rear of the vehicle for equipment,” Cooper explained.

As an extra comfort, the seats in the SUV are designed with a little more give in the lumbar zone to reduce pressure points caused by officer duty belts.

For added safety, the SUV offers backup cameras and protective bars across the back windows. “Adding bars to the windows are unfortunately becoming the norm in patrol vehicles. Many of the older cars don’t have them. It’s an added protection for not only officers but residents as well. It prevents the windows from being kicked out by subjects in the backseat,” Cooper said.

The SUVs also feature all-wheel drive, helpful in bad weather conditions, and when officers are needed in off-road situations.

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