Fire Chief: Be wary of callers who ask for money or personal information

Cedartown, Georgia – January 15, 2015: The Cedartown Fire Department has been alerted to a telephone scam. Chief Stephens learned of the scam after a concerned resident contacted him on the afternoon of January 15.

According to the resident, someone called her home and inquired about her smoke detector. The scammers wanted to “come and check her smoke detector or replace it.” The scammer then persistently asked the resident to donate money to aid burn victims.

After making contact with both the Polk County Fire Department and Rockmart Fire Department, Stephens determined the call was a scam. “There are no other fire departments in the area that are offering to check smoke detectors or raising funds for burn victims,” Stephens said.

Stephens encourages all residents to be wary of phone calls that ask for donations or personal information. The safest way to avoid being a victim of a scam is to not give ANY personal information over the phone or over email.

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